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How well can you unscramble jumbled words? Jumbled is an addictive, fast-paced, and innovative word game that is great for playing at any time! Earn points, unlock achievements, and compete in the online leaderboards while transforming jumbled strings of letters into real words.

This game challenges you to take advantage of your natural intuition combined with your fast reaction times. In addition to quickly unscrambling the words, you have to choose one of four possible answers that best matches the unscrambled word.

For example, given the jumbled word EDR, find which of the following it best matches: NEPTUNE, PINK, SHARK, GOLF. The answer is PINK since it best matches RED, which is EDR when unscrambled.

Sounds simple? But when there's a timer putting you under pressure and the word lengths start to increase (think: unscrambling 10 letter words like SVTIEEONIL), the game becomes increasingly challenging.

Jumbled has an almost endless number of possibilities: over 100,000,000 POSSIBLE JUMBLES from hundreds of real words.

Here are the many features Jumbled has to offer:
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